Sunday, 6 January 2008

Best Friends?

We rabbits are very friendly creatures, and we are easy to make friends with as long as we trust you. Spend time with your rabbit every day, and make sure that you are at its level. We are not very tall, and we get scared by big things looming over us. To us, people standing up look very big, and that can be intimidating, especially if we don't know you very well yet.

Get down on the floor, and just sit with your rabbit. We are very nosey and inquisitive by nature, and a rabbit will come to investigate anything new (i.e. you, when you have just appeared on the floor!).

We prefer to come and sit next to people on the floor rather than being picked up: it's an instinct from our wild ancestors that being picked up is scary because it might be a predator that's picking up the rabbit.

Rabbits love to be stroked, usually gently on top of the head and behind the ears is nice. Spending time stroking and just being near your rabbit will help you to bond, and this is the first stage in getting to understand each other. It's also a pleasant experience for both rabbit and human!

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