Thursday, 3 January 2008

The First Post

And hopefully not the last...

Well for a start, let's introduce ourselves. I am the big rabbit, my name is Barney. The little one is my sister Jemima. We are a pair of house rabbits with huge personalities (and huge appetites too but that's another story).

We think that sometimes you humans need a bit of help understanding your pet bunnies, so we are very kindly and generously going to use our understanding of rabbits to educate you a little bit. We have spent a long time trying to train our humans to understand us and get them to do what we want, so it's time for us to spread the word..

If you don't live with a rabbit yourself, you are missing out. But think very carefully about it before getting one. We need time and commitment from you to be happy, and when we are happy, we will reward your time and effort with love, affection and entertainment.

If you do live with a rabbit, I'm sure that you know all this already, but we'll see if we can help you and your rabbit friends understand each other even more.

Take care, we'll be back soon..
Barney and Jemima

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