Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Mine, All Mine!

Territory. This is important to rabbits, and most of us mark our territory in some way. Unneutered males are the most territorial of rabbits, and often mark their territory by spraying urine on certain things, such as furniture, walls and people. Other ways of marking territory are less offensive (to humans!): a few pellets left here and there, or rubbing a scent gland under the chin on things. The scent from the scent gland is undetectable to humans, but urine that is sprayed around certainly isn't!

The best way to reduce or prevent spraying is to have the rabbit neutered. See a vet that is experienced with rabbits to talk about the risks and benefits involved with this. It certainly helps you and your rabbit to stay friends if neither of you feel the need to spray urine around the house or on each other..

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