Tuesday, 15 January 2008

What's Going On?

Rabbits are by nature very inquisitive, or some would say nosey, and we are interested in everything that is going on around us. You will often find that if you are doing something, your rabbit will be nearby watching what you are doing. If you leave the room, your rabbit may follow you, at least to the door to see where you are going. When a rabbit is trying to get you or another rabbit to follow, it will go a short distance, then stop and look over its shoulder at you, then set off again. If your rabbit does this, it is polite to follow. You can also try this - if you want your rabbit to follow, walk away a little distance and then stop, look over your shoulder to make sure the rabbit is watching you, then carry on another short distance. Keep repeating this, and your rabbit might follow you to catch up each time you stop.

Rabbit's noses show we are being nosey. Rabbits don't have to twitch their noses to breath or even to smell. The twitching shows how interested they are in whatever is going on. The faster the nose is twitching, the more interested they are. Try lying on the floor in front of your rabbit, and when it is watching you, twitch your nose at the same speed as the rabbit is doing - you will have to emphasise the movement as much as you can. Then try speeding up or slowing down, and your rabbits nose will probably do the same, to say "I'm as interested in you as you are in me".

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